The Rite of Abnegation

door | 7 april 2020
The Rite of Abnegation
Series Number: 2
ISBN13: 9781643970943
Book URL:
Goodreads ID: 51233526
Goodreads Rating: 5.00
When Lochlan becomes nervous about his upcoming Rite of Wands ceremony, his brother Mierta McKinnon reassures him everything will be okay. But when Lochlan staggers out of his ceremony and refuses to use magic, Mierta McKinnon is determined to find out what really happened.Meanwhile, the kingdom of Vandolay is under attack by a dangerous, unidentified creature, and Mierta’s father, Mortain McKinnon, requests his son’s assistance to help aid the injured.But the people of Vandolay aren’t…

English only:

I got this book a few days ago as an ARC 1,

The story line was okay-ish, but I found it somehow lacking. Maybe that is because it was aimed at a younger audience.

Just as in The Phantom’s Curse from the same publisher, in some words letters were missing, and that made reading a bit hard.

Bit confusing as in the beginning there seems to be more protagonist .

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